ReturnReplaceItemRef::createRefWMSFromTmpFrmVirtual Method [AX 2012]

Creates return replacement setup records by using the TmpFrmVirtual table when setup is called from item arrival order.

server public static void createRefWMSFromTmpFrmVirtual(
    SalesId _salesId, 
    LineNum _lineNum, 
    WMSJournalId _journalId, 
    LineNum _journalLineNum, 
    TmpFrmVirtual _tmpFrmVirtual)

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Type: SalesId Extended Data Type
The sales ID of the sales return order.
Type: LineNum Extended Data Type
The return order line number.
Type: WMSJournalId Extended Data Type
The journal ID of item arrival journal.
Type: LineNum Extended Data Type
The item arrival journal line number.
Type: TmpFrmVirtual Table
A temporary table that contains replacement items that contain quantities and specified inventory dimensions.