RetailTransactionServiceTransactions::fillSalesOrderDetails Method [AX 2012]

Method returns the serialized xml string of a SalesOrder having the data of the SalesTable table.

client server private static XmlElement fillSalesOrderDetails(
    SalesTable _salesTable, 
    RetailSalesTable _rsoTable, 
    RetailTransactionOrderStatus _rtosTable, 
    CustTable _custTable, 
    RetailTransactionTable _transactionTable, 
    boolean _includeDetails, 
    XmlDocument xmlDoc, 
   [boolean includeDiscount])

Run On



Type: SalesTable Table
Table buffer of SalesTable table.
Type: RetailSalesTable Table
Table buffer of RetailSalesTable table.
Type: RetailTransactionOrderStatus Table
Table buffer of RetailTransactionOrderStatus table.
Type: CustTable Table
Table buffer of CustTable table.
Type: RetailTransactionTable Table
Table buffer of RetailTransactionTable table.
Type: boolean
Whether to include line details and order attributes.
Type: XmlDocument Class
Type: boolean
Whether to include the discount details, by default is false

Return Value

Type: XmlElement Class
XML serialized string of the SalesTable table.
* Members must be in order of the SalesOrder DataContract Example: