RetailTransactionServiceTransactions::createLedgerJournalTable_RU Method [AX 2012]

Method creates and initializes new LedgerJournalTable record.

client server private static LedgerJournalTable createLedgerJournalTable_RU(
    LedgerJournalNameId _ledgerJournalNameId, 
    LedgerJournalType _journalType, 
    SalesId _salesId, 
    DimensionDefault _defaultDimension, 
    CurrencyCode _currencyCode)

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Type: LedgerJournalNameId Extended Data Type
The ledger Journal Name identifier.
Type: LedgerJournalType Enumeration
The ledger journal type.
Type: SalesId Extended Data Type
The sales order ID.
Type: DimensionDefault Extended Data Type
The default dimension.
Type: CurrencyCode Extended Data Type
The currency code.

Return Value

Type: LedgerJournalTable Table
New LedgerJournalTable record created.