RetailTransactionServiceLoyalty::IssueLoyaltyCard Method [AX 2012]

Issues a loyalty card, and joins the loyalty programs that are associated to the specificed channel.

If channel recId is not provided, joins all available loyalty programs.

client server public static container IssueLoyaltyCard(
   [RetailLoyaltyCardNumber _cardNumber, 
    RetailLoyaltyTenderType _cardTenderType, 
    DirPartyRecId _partyRecId, 
    RefRecId _channelRecId])

Run On



Type: RetailLoyaltyCardNumber Extended Data Type
The card number.
Type: RetailLoyaltyTenderType Extended Data Type
The tender type of the loyalty card.
Type: DirPartyRecId Extended Data Type
The record identifier of the party of the card owner.
Type: RefRecId Extended Data Type
The record identifier of the channel where the loyalty card is issued.

Return Value

Type: container
A container having the result.

The result container contains [isSuccess, Message, cardContainer, cardTierListContainer].

The cardContainer contains [retailLoyaltyCard.RecId, retailLoyaltyCard.CardNumber, retailLoyaltyCard.CardTenderType, retailLoyaltyCard.Party].

The cardTierListContainer contains a list of cardTierContainer.

The cardTierContainer contains [cardTier.RecId, cardTier.Affiliation, cardTier.LoyaltyCard, cardTier.LoyaltyTier, cardTier.ValidFrom, cardTier.ValidTo].