RetailTransactionServiceAX61::loyaltyIssuedPointsUpdate Method [AX 2012]

Method is used for creating the record in RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTrans table for Issued points.

client server public static container loyaltyIssuedPointsUpdate(
    RetailTransactionId _pTransactionId, 
    LineNum _pLineNum, 
    RetailStoreId _pStoreId, 
    RetailTerminalId _pTerminalId, 
    RetailCardNumber _pLoyaltyCardNo, 
    str _pTransDate, 
   [int _pDateSequence, 
    RetailLoyaltyPoints _pIssuedPoints, 
    RetailReceiptId _pReceiptId, 
    RetailStaffId _pStaffId, 
    str _pTime])

Run On



Type: RetailTransactionId Extended Data Type
ID of the RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTrans.transactionId field.
Type: LineNum Extended Data Type
ID of the RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTrans.loyaltyPointTranslineNum field.
Type: RetailStoreId Extended Data Type
ID of the RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTrans.storeId field.
Type: RetailTerminalId Extended Data Type
ID of the RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTrans.terminalId field.
Type: RetailCardNumber Extended Data Type
ID of the RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTable.cardNumber field.
Type: str
Transaction date for the RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTrans.dateOfIssue field.
Type: int
Format of the date.
Type: RetailLoyaltyPoints Extended Data Type
Loyalty points of the RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTrans.points field.
Type: RetailReceiptId Extended Data Type
ID of the RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTrans.receiptId field.
Type: RetailStaffId Extended Data Type
ID of the RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTrans.staffId field.
Type: str
Time value for the RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTrans.timeOfIssue field.

Return Value

Type: container
Container with the true and string message if the record is created in RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTrans table successfully; else false with appropriate string message.