RetailTransactionServiceAX61::getTransactionSalesTrans Method [AX 2012]

Method is used for retrieving the sales transactions. Performs the following: 1.Adds transaction details.

2.Adds item details.

3.Adds loyalty.

Performs the following validations: 1.No transactions for the receipt ID.

2.Too many transactions were found for receipt ID.

client server public static container getTransactionSalesTrans(
    RetailReceiptId receiptId, 
   [RetailStoreId storeId, 
    RetailTerminalId terminalId])

Run On



Type: RetailReceiptId Extended Data Type
ID of the RetailTransactionTable.receiptId field.
Type: RetailStoreId Extended Data Type
ID of the field.
Type: RetailTerminalId Extended Data Type
ID of the RetailTransactionTable.terminal field.

Return Value

Type: container
The status as a container.

RetailTransactionService.fillTransactionTable method returns the container transTable having the data of the RetailTransactionTable.

RetailTransactionService.fillSalesTrans method returns the container salesTrans having the data of the RetailTransactionSalesTrans table.

RetailTransactionService.fillLoyaltyTrans method returns container with the value in the RetailTransactionLoyaltyPointsTrans.cardNumber field.