RetailTransactionService::startBreak Method [AX 2012]

Registers break for the worker specified.

client server public static container startBreak(
    HcmPersonnelNumberId _personnelNumber, 
    RetailTerminalId _terminalId, 
    JmgJobId _breakJobId)

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Type: HcmPersonnelNumberId Extended Data Type
Personnel number of the worker.
Type: RetailTerminalId Extended Data Type
Terminal id, where time registration is made.
Type: JmgJobId Extended Data Type
The job id of the break.

Return Value

Type: container
A container having information whether registration is successful.

With the job id we can specify the kind of break (e.g. break for lunch, break from work etc.).

Currently, any kind of break can be added in JmgIpcActivity table.