RetailTransactionService.postOrderPayment Method [AX 2012]

Creates journal entries in the LedgerJournalTable table and LedgerJournalTrans table for order payments.

private container postOrderPayment(
    AmountCur _paymentAmount, 
    SalesTable _salesTable, 
    RetailTerminalId _terminalId, 
    RetailStoreId _storeId, 
    RetailTransactionId _transactionId)

Run On



Type: AmountCur Extended Data Type
The AmountCurDebit value in the LedgerJournalTrans table.
Type: SalesTable Table
A SalesTable record.
Type: RetailTerminalId Extended Data Type
The TerminalId value in the RetailTerminalTable table.
Type: RetailStoreId Extended Data Type
The RetailStoreId value.
Type: RetailTransactionId Extended Data Type
The RetailTransactionId value.

Return Value

Type: container
true if the record is created successfully; otherwise, false.