RetailTransactionService::PostLoyaltyCardRewardPointTrans Method [AX 2012]

Posts reward points to the PostLoyaltyCardRewardPointTrans table.

client server public static container PostLoyaltyCardRewardPointTrans(str _rewardPointTransXmlStr)

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Type: str
The XML string that contains a list of reward point lines.

Return Value

Type: container
A container having the result.

The XML string has a root node RetailLoyaltyCardRewardPointTransList, which contains a list of RetailLoyaltyCardRewardPointTrans nodes. Each child node conains the field values of a PostLoyaltyCardRewardPointTrans record. Refer to the PostLoyaltyCardRewardPointTrans table for the meaning of each field.

A sample of XML is provided in the source code of RetailTransactionServiceLoyalty class.