RetailTransactionService::getTimeclockHistory Method [AX 2012]

Gets a history of time registrations.

client server private static QueryRun getTimeclockHistory(
   [boolean _isManagerLogbook, 
    HcmPersonnelNumberId _personnelNumber, 
    RetailStoreId _storeId, 
    utcdatetime _fromDate, 
    utcdatetime _toDate, 
    container _regTypes, 
    JmgJobId _jobId])

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Type: boolean
True, if data for manager logbook are required, false - otherwise.
Type: HcmPersonnelNumberId Extended Data Type
Personnel number of the worker.
Type: RetailStoreId Extended Data Type
Number of the store, where time registration has been made.
Type: utcdatetime
Lower bound of the history returned.
Type: utcdatetime
Upper bound of the history returned.
Type: container
Time registration type.
Type: JmgJobId Extended Data Type
Job Id of the specific break.

Return Value

Type: QueryRun Class
A container having history of worker's registrations.