RetailTransactionService::getLatestTimeRegistrationByWorker Method [AX 2012]

Gets information about the latest time registration action of the worker specified.

client server private static JmgTermReg getLatestTimeRegistrationByWorker(HcmPersonnelNumberId _personnelNumber, [boolean _forUpdate])

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Type: HcmPersonnelNumberId Extended Data Type
Personnel number of the worker.
Type: boolean
True, if the record should be selected for update; false - otherwise.

Return Value

Type: JmgTermReg Table
JmgTermReg buffer variable with information about worker's latest time registration.

When worker stops break, records with start and stop break entries are linked by MatchRecIdStartStop field So if the last record has StartBreak type and MatchRecIdStartStop == 0, then the worker is on break If the last record has StopBreak type and MatchRecIdStartStop != 0, then the worker is in clockin status