RetailTransactionService::getCityRecId_RU Method [AX 2012]

Gets primary key value for Cities table based on natural key fields

client server private static LogisticsAddressCityRecId getCityRecId_RU(
    LogisticsAddressCountryRegionId _countryRegionId, 
    LogisticsAddressStateId _stateId, 
    LogisticsAddressCountyId _countyId, 
    LogisticsAddressCityName _cityName)

Run On



Type: LogisticsAddressCountryRegionId Extended Data Type
Country code
Type: LogisticsAddressStateId Extended Data Type
State code
Type: LogisticsAddressCountyId Extended Data Type
County code
Type: LogisticsAddressCityName Extended Data Type
City name

Return Value

Type: LogisticsAddressCityRecId Extended Data Type
Record Id of city

City table has no natural key [country/state/county/city] Assumption that there are no two cities with same name for given combination of country/state/county was made for Russia