RetailTransactionService::addTimeRawRegistration Method [AX 2012]

Adds a record to time raw registrations for the worker specified.

client server private static container addTimeRawRegistration(
    RecId _workerRecId, 
    RetailTerminalId _terminalId, 
    JmgTermRegType _regType, 
   [JmgJobId _jobId, 
    RefRecId _matchRecId])

Run On



Type: RecId Extended Data Type
RecId of the worker.
Type: RetailTerminalId Extended Data Type
Terminal id, which time registration applies to.
Type: JmgTermRegType Enumeration
Type of time registration (Clock In, Clock Out, Break, Stop break)
Type: JmgJobId Extended Data Type
Job id (e.g. job for break for lunch). Optional.
Type: RefRecId Extended Data Type
Rec id that newly added record should be matched to (in case stop break registration). Optional.

Return Value

Type: container
Container with operation status (success or error), error message (if any), RecId of the new clock entry and its registration time (last two, if operation is successful).