RetailTransactionSalesTrans::numberOfUnpostedSalesEntries Method [AX 2012]

Gets the number of sales transactions with a transaction status of a RetailEntryStatus::None enumeration value for a specified time and date.

client server public static int numberOfUnpostedSalesEntries(
    RetailStoreId _storeId, 
    FromDate _fromDate, 
    ToDate _toDate, 
    FromTime _fromTime, 
    ToTime _toTime)

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Type: RetailStoreId Extended Data Type
The ID of the store.
Type: FromDate Extended Data Type
A from date value.
Type: ToDate Extended Data Type
A to date value.
Type: FromTime Extended Data Type
A from time value.
Type: ToTime Extended Data Type
A to time value.

Return Value

Type: int
The number of sales transactions.