RetailTransactionSalesTrans::fromTototalqty Method [AX 2012]

Calculates the total quantity for a specified retail department that is based on the retail group and item values for the specified transaction dates.

client server public static Qty fromTototalqty(
    EcoResCategoryId _categoryId, 
    ItemId _itemId, 
   [date _dateFrom, 
    date _dateTo, 
    TimeOfDay _timeFrom, 
    TimeOfDay _timeto, 
    RetailEntryStatus _statusfrom, 
    RetailEntryStatus _statusto])

Run On



Type: EcoResCategoryId Extended Data Type
A category value.
Type: ItemId Extended Data Type
The ID of the item.
Type: date
A from date value.
Type: date
A to date value.
Type: timeOfDay
A from time value.
Type: timeOfDay
A to time value.
Type: RetailEntryStatus Enumeration
A from entry status value.
Type: RetailEntryStatus Enumeration
A to entry status value.

Return Value

Type: Qty Extended Data Type
The total quantity of the sales transaction.