Method [AX 2012]

Initializes the RetailTaxSales object and the variables that are associated with it.

public void new(
    RetailTransactionTable _transactionTable, 
    RetailTaxGroup _taxGroup, 
    TaxItemGroup _taxItemGroup, 
    InventTransId _inventTransId, 
    Name _txt, 
    DimensionDefault _dimension, 
    NoYes _post, 
    LedgerVoucher _ledgerVoucher)

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Type: RetailTransactionTable Table
A record from the RetailTransactionTable table.
Type: RetailTaxGroup Extended Data Type
A TaxGroup object.
Type: TaxItemGroup Extended Data Type
A TaxItemGroup object.
Type: InventTransId Extended Data Type
A InventTransID object.
Type: Name Extended Data Type
A Name object.
Type: DimensionDefault Extended Data Type
A DimensionDefault object.
Type: NoYes Enumeration
A Boolean value that indicates whether to post.
Type: LedgerVoucher Class
An instance of the LedgerVoucher class.