RetailStatementPost.accountPeriodicDisc Method [AX 2012]

Finds the ledger account for periodic discount for the specified periodic discount type, discount amount, item, and customer account.

public LedgerDimensionDefaultAccount accountPeriodicDisc(
    RetailDiscountOfferId _offerId, 
    DiscAmount _periodicDiscAmount, 
    ItemId _itemId, 
    RetailItemGroupId _itemGroupId, 
    CustAccount _custAccount)

Run On



Type: RetailDiscountOfferId Extended Data Type
A RetailPeriodicOfferId value.
Type: DiscAmount Extended Data Type
A DiscAmount object.
Type: ItemId Extended Data Type
The item ID.
Type: RetailItemGroupId Extended Data Type
The item group ID.
Type: CustAccount Extended Data Type
The customer account.

Return Value

Type: LedgerDimensionDefaultAccount Extended Data Type
The ledger account to which periodic discount is posted.

The ledger account returned is based on whether it is discount offer, mix and match or multi-buy.