RetailProductAttributeChannelMetadata::add Method [AX 2012]

Add a product attribute metadata to a hosting channel if it does not exist Otherwise, update it

client server public static void add(
    RefRecId _hostChannel, 
    RefRecId _attribute, 
    boolean _isRequired, 
    RetailProductAttributeRelationType _relationType, 
    RetailAttributeChannelMetadata _metadata, 
    RetailChannelMetadataVersion _version)

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Type: RefRecId Extended Data Type
Host channel Id
Type: RefRecId Extended Data Type
Attribute Id
Type: boolean
A boolean value indicating whether the attribute is required.
Type: RetailProductAttributeRelationType Enumeration
Product attribute relation type
Type: RetailAttributeChannelMetadata Extended Data Type
Attribute metadata
Type: RetailChannelMetadataVersion Extended Data Type
The version number of the metadata