RetailPricingDataManager.getAllPriceTradeAgreements Method [AX 2012]

Fetch the superset of price trade agreements which could apply to all of these items and customer for the given date.

public container getAllPriceTradeAgreements(
    container _itemRelations, 
    container _priceGroups, 
    AccountNum _accountNumber, 
    utcdatetime _minDate, 
    utcdatetime _maxDate, 
    CurrencyCode _currencyCode)

Run On



Type: container
The item Ids to fetch for agreements for.
Type: container
The price groups (probably channel) to query by.
Type: AccountNum Extended Data Type
Optional. Customer account number to search by.
Type: utcdatetime
The earliest inclusive active date to search by. Must be less than or equal to _maxDate.
Type: utcdatetime
The latest inclusive active date to search by. Must be greater than or equal to _minDate.
Type: CurrencyCode Extended Data Type
Currency code.

Return Value

Type: container
Collection of trade agreements which may be applied to the given items.