RetailPaymReturnChangeSlipSvcCtrlr_RU::construct Method [AX 2012]

Constructs an instance of RetailPaymReturnChangeSlipSvcCtrlr_RU or one of it's descendants.

client server private static RetailPaymReturnChangeSlipSvcCtrlr_RU construct([ClassId _classId])

Run On



Type: ClassId Extended Data Type
Descendant class ID; optional.

Return Value

Type: RetailPaymReturnChangeSlipSvcCtrlr_RU Class
An instance of the RetailPaymReturnChangeSlipSvcCtrlr_RU.

Checks whether the provided _classId is valid class ID of the descendant of RetailPaymReturnChangeSlipSvc_RU, creates an instance pf it and returns it; return an instance of the base RetailPaymReturnChangeSlipSvcCtrlr_RU class.