RetailOrderManager::getExistingLogisticsLocation Method [AX 2012]

Fetch the logisitics location record id of the provided address in the context of the provided customer account.

client server private static LogisticsLocationRecId getExistingLogisticsLocation(RetailTransactionAddressTrans addressTrans, CustAccount custAccount)

Run On



Type: RetailTransactionAddressTrans Table
The address line that is being looked up.
Type: CustAccount Extended Data Type
The customer account whose address book will be searched.

Return Value

Type: LogisticsLocationRecId Extended Data Type
Logistics location RecordId of the address specified inside addressTrans.

The address book of the provided customer account is searched to verify if the address contained within addressTrans is already part of the specified customer's address book.

If found, then the logisitics location recid of the address is returned. Otherwise, a null location is returned.