RetailMediaChannelTwitterConnector::doPush Method [AX 2012]

Posts a message on Twitter.

The message is built by concatinating the _message parameter, the _linkUrl, if it is not empty, and by attaching optional image passed via the _picture parameter

server private static str doPush(
    RecId _settingsRecId, 
    RetailCommonWebAPI _webApi, 
    str _message, 
    str _linkUrl, 
    RetailMediaFileDescription _picture)

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Type: RecId Extended Data Type
The RecId of the connector settings record
Type: RetailCommonWebAPI Class
The web API
Type: str
The text of the message
Type: str
The optional URL to append to the message text
Type: RetailMediaFileDescription Class
The optional image

Return Value

Type: str
The ID of the posted message, if successfuly. Empty string, otherwise.