RetailLoyaltyManager::updateLoyaltyIssuedPoints62 Method [AX 2012]

Updates issued default loyalty points.

client server public static container updateLoyaltyIssuedPoints62(
    RetailTransactionId _transactionId, 
    LineNum _lineNum, 
    RetailStoreId _storeId, 
    RetailTerminalId _terminalId, 
    RetailLoyaltyCardNumber _cardNumber, 
    str _transDate, 
    int _dateSequence, 
    RetailLoyaltyPoints _issuedPoints, 
   [RetailReceiptId _receiptId, 
    RetailStaffId _staffId, 
    str _time])

Run On



Type: RetailTransactionId Extended Data Type
Transaction id.
Type: LineNum Extended Data Type
Line number.
Type: RetailStoreId Extended Data Type
Store id.
Type: RetailTerminalId Extended Data Type
Terminal id.
Type: RetailLoyaltyCardNumber Extended Data Type
Card number.
Type: str
Transaction date.
Type: int
Date sequence.
Type: RetailLoyaltyPoints Extended Data Type
Issued points.
Type: RetailReceiptId Extended Data Type
Receipt id.
Type: RetailStaffId Extended Data Type
Staff id.
Type: str

Return Value

Type: container
Container with success flag, and message.