RetailListing::removeUnpublishedListings Method [AX 2012]

When the catalog is republished will call this method to set the end date of previously published listings to the new start date of the catalog.

client server public static void removeUnpublishedListings(
    CatalogRefRecId _catalogId, 
    date _endDateTime, 
    RetailTmpListingToKeep _tmpListingsToKeep, 
    RetailTmpPreAction _preactionTable)

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Type: CatalogRefRecId Extended Data Type
The catalog id of the listings affected.
Type: date
The new end time for these listings.
Type: RetailTmpListingToKeep Table
The temp table that holds the list of modified listings.
Type: RetailTmpPreAction Table
The temp table that holds the list of replication actions that will be processed by the caller.

When the user republishes a catalog, we want to have the previous listed products expire before new listings get in effect.