RetailKitComponent::insertRetailKitComponent Method [AX 2012]

Creates record into table RetailKitComponent.

client server public static RetailKitComponent insertRetailKitComponent(
    RetailKit _retailKit, 
    EcoResDistinctProduct _ecoResDistinctProduct, 
    Qty _quantityProduct, 
    UnitOfMeasureRecId _uomId, 
   [NoYes _showOnReceipt])

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Type: RetailKit Table
The retail Kit record.
Type: EcoResDistinctProduct Table
A record buffer of table ecoResDistinctProduct.
Type: Qty Extended Data Type
The quantity of ecoResDistinctProduct.
Type: UnitOfMeasureRecId Extended Data Type
The unit of measure of the component product.
Type: NoYes Enumeration
Enable display of the component in POS receipt.

Return Value

Type: RetailKitComponent Table
A record in the RetailKitComponent table; otherwise, an empty record.