RetailInformationSubcodeTable::mcrValidate Method [AX 2012]

Checks if the record occurs in the RetailInformationSubcodeTable table when the infocode ID and subcode ID are populated.

client server public static boolean mcrValidate(RetailInfocodeId _infocodeId, RetailInformationSubcodeId _subcodeId)

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Type: RetailInfocodeId Extended Data Type
The InfocodeId field of the RetailInformationSubcodeTable table.
Type: RetailInformationSubcodeId Extended Data Type
The SubcodeId field of the RetailInformationSubcodeTable table.

Return Value

Type: boolean
true if the record is valid; otherwise, false.

This is different than the exist method is that the record ID needs to be 0 in order to show the error.

Whereas the exist method checks for the record ID to not be 0.