RetailConnSCMonitoringUtilities.cancelOutgoingPackage Method [AX 2012]

Creates a connection with the client, sets the message and ends the connection.

public boolean cancelOutgoingPackage(
    RetailConnStoreConnectProfile _scProfile, 
    RetailConnPackageNum _keyPackageNo, 
    RetailConnSCServiceName _keyService, 
    RetailConnConnectionString _keyConnStr)

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Type: RetailConnStoreConnectProfile Table
The store connect profile.
Type: RetailConnPackageNum Extended Data Type
The incoming packet number.
Type: RetailConnSCServiceName Extended Data Type
The service name for the connection.
Type: RetailConnConnectionString Extended Data Type
The connection string value.

Return Value

Type: boolean
true if the request is sent to client; otherwise, false.