RetailConnReplicationJob_DataDirector.processJobByAction Method [AX 2012]

Processes the jobs and performs insertions or deletions based on the request.

public boolean processJobByAction(
    RetailConnSchedulerSubjobTable _schedulerSubjobTable, 
    RetailConnDistributionLocationId _locationGroupFilter, 
    RefRecId _locationListRecId, 
    boolean _processDelete)

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Type: RetailConnSchedulerSubjobTable Table
The current instance of RetailConnSchedulerSubjobTable table.
Type: RetailConnDistributionLocationId Extended Data Type
The current instance of RetailConnDistributionLocationId table.
Type: RefRecId Extended Data Type
The record ID of the location.
Type: boolean
A Boolean value that indicates the deletion of the actions.

Return Value

Type: boolean
true if all the actions are recorded before it executes all the jobs; otherwise false.


Occurs if there is no primary index on the table.


Occurs if the action number has blank values.