RetailConnReplicationAJob_AX5.processActions Method [AX 2012]

Method does the following; 1. Handling insert, update and delete requests.

2. Initializes the request header.

3. If the process is not delete adds Record ID to the read request, otherwise adds the key values to the delete request.

4. Updates record in RetailConnSchedulerLogLine table buffer if the record exists, otherwise creates the new record.

5. Logs a Info message.

protected int processActions(
    RefTableId _fromTableId, 
    RetailConnSchedulerSubjobTable _schedulerSubjobTable, 
    RetailConnDistributionLocationId _locationGroupFilter, 
    boolean _addReadRequest)

Run On



Type: RefTableId Extended Data Type
The table id of the table to run an A-job on.
Type: RetailConnSchedulerSubjobTable Table
The current instance of RetailConnSchedulerSubjobTable table.
Type: RetailConnDistributionLocationId Extended Data Type
The value of locationFilter field of RetailConnActionTable table.
Type: boolean
Indicates if read request needs to be added to SCAXSourceRequestHeader

Return Value

Type: int
true if all the jobs run properly for the action, otherwise false.


Occurs if the action number has invalid or blank value.