GetExtensionSettings Method
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ReportingService2005.GetExtensionSettings Method

Returns a list of settings for a given extension.

Namespace:  ReportService2005
Assembly:  ReportService2005 (in ReportService2005.dll)

[SoapDocumentMethodAttribute("", RequestNamespace = "", 
	ResponseNamespace = "", 
	Use = SoapBindingUse.Literal, ParameterStyle = SoapParameterStyle.Wrapped)]
[SoapHeaderAttribute("ServerInfoHeaderValue", Direction = SoapHeaderDirection.Out)]
public ExtensionParameter[] GetExtensionSettings(
	string Extension


Type: System.String
The name of the extension as it appears in the report server configuration file. Valid values are Report Server Email and Report Server FileShare.

Return Value

Type: ReportService2005.ExtensionParameter[]
An array of ExtensionParameter objects that represents the list of known settings for a given extension.

The table below shows header and permissions information on this operation.

SOAP Headers

(Out) ServerInfoHeaderValue

Required Permissions


If the extension does not support any extension parameters, an empty list is returned.


Currently, the GetExtensionSettings method supports delivery extensions. Other extensions are not yet supported by this method.

To compile this code example, you must reference the Reporting Services WSDL and import certain namespaces. For more information, see Compiling and Running Code Examples. The following code example retrieves information about the settings of the report server e-mail delivery extension:

using System;
using System.Web.Services.Protocols;

class Sample
   public static void Main()
      ReportingService2005 rs = new ReportingService2005();
      rs.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

      ExtensionParameter[] extensionParams = null;

         extensionParams = rs.GetExtensionSettings("Report Server Email");

         Console.WriteLine("Settings retrieved.");

         if (extensionParams != null)
            foreach (ExtensionParameter extensionParam in extensionParams)
               Console.WriteLine("Value: {0}", extensionParam.Value);
               Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}", extensionParam.Name);
               Console.WriteLine("ReadOnly: {0}", extensionParam.ReadOnly);
               Console.WriteLine("Required: {0}", extensionParam.Required);

      catch (SoapException e)

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