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TimesheetDataSet.StatusingChangeLogRow Class

Represents one record of the Statusing data change log for the timesheet single entry mode.

    [TimeSheet Web service].TimesheetDataSet.StatusingChangeLogRow

Namespace:  [TimeSheet Web service]
Service reference: http://ServerName:32843/[Project Service Application GUID]/PSI/TimeSheet.svc
Web service reference: http://ServerName/ProjectServerName/_vti_bin/PSI/TimeSheet.asmx?wsdl

public class StatusingChangeLogRow : DataRow

New in Project Server 2010.


The StatusingChangeLogDataTable is not designed for timephased data changes, such as provided by the PeriodChange element in the ChangeXML parameter for Statusing methods, because Project Server generates timephased data changes from the core timesheet tables.

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