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WebSvcCalendar Namespace

Office 2007

The WebSvcCalendar namespace is an arbitrary name for a reference to the Calendar.asmx Web service of the PSI in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.

The Calendar class in the Web service includes methods to manage enterprise calendars. Check out, check in, create, delete, list all, update, or get a specific calendar.

Calendar methods typically use or return a CalendarDataSet object.

Public classCalendarIncludes methods for managing calendar exceptions in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.
Public classCalendarDataSet
Public classCalendarDataSet.CalendarExceptionsDataTable
Public classCalendarDataSet.CalendarExceptionsRowRepresents the availability of the resource identified with the CAL_UID property.
Public classCalendarDataSet.CalendarExceptionsRowChangeEventDescribes event handler settings for the specified data.
Public classCalendarDataSet.CalendarsDataTable
Public classCalendarDataSet.CalendarsRowSpecifies a row of calendar data.
Public classCalendarDataSet.CalendarsRowChangeEventDescribes event handler settings for the specified data.

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