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Using the Default Project Server Web Parts

Office 2007

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There are over 20 Web Parts that are installed with Microsoft Office Project Server 2007. The Project Server Web Parts have custom properties that are accessible in the associated Web Part tool pane, if the user has the necessary permissions to edit a page and to edit specific Web Parts on a page. Some pages in Project Web Access, such as the Project Server Administration page, cannot be edited.

You can configure the properties of the default Project Server Web Parts just as you configure any other Web Part. For example, navigate to the Project Center page and then click Edit Page on the Site Actions menu. Click the down arrow at the top right of the Project Center Web Part, and then click Modify Web Part to see the custom properties in the tool part such as Show Menu Bar and Project Web Access.

You can set the Project Web Access URL property in the Project Center Web Part and in many other Project Server Web Parts. The Project Web Access URL property allows you to specify the Project Web Access instance. For example, if your Windows SharePoint Services farm has two instances of Project Web Access, you can create a page that contains two Project Center Web Parts that show projects in the different instances. Specify the Project Web Access URL value as follows:


In the following example, there are two instances of Project Web Access on the same server named DepartmentServer. The instance named ProjectServer uses the default port 80, and the instance named Sample uses port 610. The Project Web Access URL values for the two different Project Center Web Parts would be as follows (the trailing slash is optional):




To specify the Project Web Access URL value, the Project Server installations or Project Web Access instances must be in the same Windows SharePoint Services farm.

Recovering from Errors in Web Part Configuration

Sometimes you can specify a setting in the Web Part tool pane that results in an error so that the Web Part does not appear. If you get an error where the Web Part Page doesn't appear after you specify a Web Part setting, you can click Web Parts Maintenance Page on the Error page to reset the Web Part or remove it from the page.

If you reset the Web Part to the default settings and the page still results in an error, try removing the Web Part from the page. After the page you want appears again without an error, you can add a default instance of the Web Part back to the page.

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