WriteFieldErrorType enumeration

Represents error types during a field write operation.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkManagement.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkManagement.Client (in Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkManagement.Client.dll)

public enum WriteFieldErrorType

Member nameDescription
NoValueNo value. Value = 0.
TaskNotFoundThe task was not found. Value = 1.
InvalidInputThe format of the input was not valid. Value = 2.
TaskDeletedThe task was deleted. Value = 3.
FieldConflictA field conflict error occurred. Value = 4.
ValidationA validation error occurred. Value = 5.
LocationInvalidThe location was not valid. Value = 6.
UnknownAn unknown error occurred. Value = 7.
DueDateInvalidThe due date was not valid. Value = 8.
StartDateInvalidThe start date was not valid. Value = 9.
DescriptionInvalidThe description was not valid. Value = 10.
IsCompletedInvalidThe completion value was not valid. Value = 11.
TitleInvalidThe title was not valid. Value = 12.
EditUrlInvalidThe edit URL was not valid. Value = 13.
AccessDeniedThe user does not have sufficient privileges to write to the field. Value = 14.
PromoteTargetTaskNotPersonalThe task is not a personal task, and therefore cannot be promoted. Value = 15.
PromotionFailedInProviderThe provider failed to promote the task. Value = 16.