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Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer Namespace

Windows SharePoint Services 3

Contains classes that implement the Windows SharePoint Services Web Service on the server. In most cases, the members of these classes are not designed to be called from the server, and are not tested in this configuration. The methods provided by a Web service are designed to be called remotely from client applications. For information about using the methods of a Web service implemented by one of these classes, click the appropriate link in the Class column of the following table.

Public classExportWebPartClassProvides an ASP.NET page that returns the DWP string format of a Web Part given a Web Part Page and the Web Part GUID.
Public classExportWebPartFileClassProvides an ASP.NET page that returns the DWP string format of a Web Part given the file name of the DWP file.
Public classSoapServerExceptionA wrapper class that converts a SharePoint or COM exception to a SOAP exception so that it can be deserialized on the Visual Studio .NET client.
Public classSoapXmlInfrastructure.
Public classSoapXml.SoapXmlElementInfrastructure.
Public classWebPartPageSoapServerExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classWebPartPagesWebServiceInfrastructure.

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