StrategicImpactBehavior enumeration

Office 2013 and later

Specifies how strategic impact values behave in a Project Server workflow stage.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client (in Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.dll)

public enum StrategicImpactBehavior

Member nameDescription
NotSpecifiedValue=-1. The strategic impact is not specified in the stage.
ReadOnlyValue = 0. The strategic impact values are read-only.
ReadWriteValue = 1. The strategic impact values are read/write.
RequiredValue = 2. The strategic impact values are required.

The StrategicImpactBehavior enumeration in the CSOM is equivalent to Workflow.StrategicImpactBehavior in the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library namespace. The StrategicImpactBehavior constants can be used to compare with or set the following properties: