Task.DurationFormat Enumeration

Specifies the format type for a task duration.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library (in Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.dll)

public enum DurationFormat

Member nameDescription
MinuteValue=3. Minutes.
EMinuteValue=4. Elapsed minutes.
HourValue=5. Hours.
EHourValue=6. Elapsed hours.
DayValue=7. Days.
EDayValue=8. Elapsed days.
WeekValue=9. Weeks.
EWeekValue=10. Elapsed weeks.
MonthValue=11. Months.
EMonthValue=12. Elapsed months.
PercentValue=19. Percentage.
EPercentValue=20. Elapsed percentage.
NullValue=21. No value.
EstMinuteValue=35. Estimated minutes.
EEstMinuteValue=36. Elapsed estimated minutes.
EstHourValue=37. Estimated hours.
EEstHourValue=38. Elapsed estimated hours.
EstDayValue=39. Estimated days.
EEstDayValue=40. Elapsed estimated days.
EstWeekValue=41. Estimated weeks.
EEstWeekValue=42. Elapsed estimated weeks.
EstMonthValue=43. Estimated months.
EEstMonthValue=44. Elapsed estimated months.
EstPercentValue=51. Estimated percentage.
EEstPercentValue=52. Elapsed estimated percentage.
NoneValue=53. No display format.

The Task.DurationFormat type indicates the time unit to use when displaying the duration, whether the duration is estimated, and whether the duration is using elapsed time. This field is used when duration is displayed throughout Microsoft Project Professional and Project Server.

Use the Task.DurationFormat type to set the TASK_DUR_FORMAT property in the following objects:

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