Resource.StandardRateFormat Enumeration
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Resource.StandardRateFormat Enumeration

Specifes the rate description format in which the rate is displayed.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library (in Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.dll)

public enum StandardRateFormat

Member nameDescription
MinuteValue=1. Minutes.
HourValue=2. Hours.
DayValue=3. Days.
WeekValue=4. Weeks.
MonthValue=5. Months.
YearValue=7. Years.
MaterialValue=8. Materials.

Use the Resource.StandardRateFormat type to set the RES_STD_RATE_FMT property in a [Project Web service].ProjectDataSet.ProjectResourceRow or [Statusing Web service].ProjectDataSet.ProjectResourceRow object.

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