PropertyType Enumeration
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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

PropertyType Enumeration

Specifies the value types of project properties.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library (in Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.dll)

public enum PropertyType

Member nameDescription
InvalidEng96Value=0. Force error return from the text converter (ItextConv).
UidEng96Value=1. Project unique ID.
PriorityEng96Value=2. Enumeration index into priority table.
ConsTypeEng96Value=3. Index into constraint table.
DateEng96Value=4. HIWORD contains day offset with respect to 1/1/84. LOWORD (0-1440) is the minute offset from 12:00 am.
PercentEng96Value=5. Percent; a whole number.
DurationEng96Value=6. Value in 1/DUR_MULTIPLIER minutes.
DurOffsetValue=7. Value in 1/DUR_MULTIPLIER minutes since 1/1/84.
WorkEng96Value=8. Value in 1/WORK_MULTIPLIER minutes.
CostEng96Value=9. Value in 1/COST_MULTIPLIER dollars.
WorkRateEng96Value=10. Value in (1/DUR_MULTIPLIER minutes per 1/DUR_MULTIPLIER minutes).
CostRateEng96Value=11. Value in (1/COST_MULTIPLIER dollars per 1/DUR_MULTIPLIER minutes).
UnitsEng96Value=12. Value in 1/UNITS_MULTIPLIER units.
AccrualEng96Value=13. Index into accrual table.
ContourTypeEng96Value=14. Index into contour table.
NumberEng96Value=15. A plain number.
BoolEng96Value=16. Index into boolean string table.
YesNoEng96Value=17. Index into yes / no string table.
DoubleEng96Value=18. A double value.
WordEng96Value=20. A word value.
StringEng96Value=21. String.
TimeLabelEng96Value=22. Time label.
TimeEng96Value=23. Minutes since 12:00 am (midnight).
LongEng96Value=24. A long value.
LinkEng96Value=25. Index to type of links (SS, FF, FS, SF).
RtfEng96Value=26. Rich edit RTF data.
FinishDateEng96Value=27. Same as TYPE_DATE_ENG96, except when a user gives a date string without the time, the default finish time is used.
ElapedDurEng96Value=28. Elapsed duration values.
TaskTypeEng96Value=29. Task type: fixed units, fixed work, or fixed duration.
StartDateEng96Value=4. HIWORD contains the day offset with respect to 1/1/84. LOWORD (0-1440) is the minute offset from 12:00am. The same value as DateEng96.
HLFriendlyNameValue=30. Hyperlink friendly name.
HLTargetValue=31. Hyperlink target.
HLLocationValue=32. Hyperlink location.
HLRefValue=33. Hyperlink reference.
MonikerValue=35. Moniker (name) type.
IndicatorEng96Value=36. Graphical indicator.
ExIdEng96Value=37. External ID.
BlankExIdEng96Value=38. External ID shown as blank string.
WGUserEng96Value=39. Workgroup user type.
RateTableEng96Value=40. Assignment rate table (used by VBA).
R8PctEng96Value=41. Used for percent allocated (may overflow a word).
GuidEng96Value=42. GUID value.
RscTypeEng96Value=43. Resource.
SimpleRateEng96Value=44. Simple rate.
TSMaterialWorkValue=45. Timesheet material work.
MaterialWorkEng96Value=45, the same as TSMaterialWork (timesheet material work).
HLScreenTipValue=46. Hyperlink screen tip.
Enum1Eng96Value=47. Enumerated type used by Web client.
Enum2Eng96Value=48. Enumerated type used by Web client.
Enum3Eng96Value=49. Enumerated type used by Web client.
PSStringsEng96Value=50. Project Server string table.
TaskStatusEng96Value=51. A string value for task status.
BookingEng96Value=54. Booking type.
MultiCurrencyEng96Value=55. Multi-currency.
NumTypesEng96Value=56. Numeric type.
NotSureValue=65,521 (0xfff1). Unsure of the property type.

The following constants are defined in a private assembly:





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