AdminEventReceiver class

Office 2013 and later

Includes local event handlers for methods in the WebSvcAdmin.Admin class, and remote event receivers for Admin (administrative) events in Project Web App.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Events
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Events.Receivers (in Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Events.Receivers.dll)

public abstract class AdminEventReceiver : IAdminEventReceiverRemote

Local event handlers can run only with an on-premises Project Server installation. Remote event receivers are designed to be used with Project Server apps, and can run with Project Online or with an on-premises installation.

For a list of the Admin events in Project Web App, see the Server Side Event Handlers page in SharePoint Central Administration (open General Application Settings, choose Manage under PWA Settings, and then choose Server Side Event Handlers under Operational Policies).

For information about creating a local event handler or a remote event receiver, see the Project Server event receivers section in What's new and what's out for developers in Project 2013. See also How to: Create a Project Server Event Handler and Log an Event in the Project 2010 SDK.

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