XMLNamespace Members

Represents an individual schema within the Schema Library.

The XMLNamespace type exposes the following members.

Public method AttachToDocument Attaches an XML schema to a document.
Public method Delete Deletes the specified object.

Public property Alias Returns a String that represents the friendly name for the specified object.
Public property Application Returns a Application object that represents the Microsoft Word application.
Public property Creator Returns a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the specified object was created.
Public property DefaultTransform Returns a XSLTransform object that represents the default Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) file to use when opening a document from an XML schema for a particular namespace.
Public property Location Gets or sets the location of the specified XML namespace.
Public property Parent Returns an object that represents the parent object of the specified object.
Public property URI Returns a String that represents the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of the associated namespace.
Public property XSLTransforms Returns a XSLTransforms collection that represents the Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) files specified for use with a schema.