WdPageBorderArt Enumeration

Specifies the graphical page border setting of a page.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word (in Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll)

Public Enumeration WdPageBorderArt
Dim instance As WdPageBorderArt

Member nameDescription
wdArtApplesAn apple border.
wdArtMapleMuffinsA maple muffins border.
wdArtCakeSliceA cake slice border.
wdArtCandyCornA candy corn border.
wdArtIceCreamConesAn ice cream cones border.
wdArtChampagneBottleA champagne bottle border.
wdArtPartyGlassA party glass border.
wdArtChristmasTreeA Christmas tree border.
wdArtTreesA trees border.
wdArtPalmsColorA colored palms border.
wdArtBalloons3ColorsBalloons in three colors as the border.
wdArtBalloonsHotAirA hot air balloon border.
wdArtPartyFavorA party favor border.
wdArtConfettiStreamersA confetti streamers border.
wdArtHeartsA hearts border.
wdArtHeartBalloonA heart balloon border.
wdArtStars3DA 3-D stars border.
wdArtStarsShadowedA shadowed stars border.
wdArtStarsA stars border.
wdArtSunA sun border.
wdArtEarth2An earth number 2 border.
wdArtEarth1An earth number 1 border.
wdArtPeopleHatsA people wearing hats border.
wdArtSombreroA sombrero border.
wdArtPencilsA pencils border.
wdArtPackagesA packages border.
wdArtClocksA clocks border.
wdArtFirecrackersA fire crackers border.
wdArtRingsA rings border.
wdArtMapPinsA map pins border.
wdArtConfettiA confetti border.
wdArtCreaturesButterflyA butterfly border.
wdArtCreaturesLadyBugA ladybug border.
wdArtCreaturesFishA fish border.
wdArtBirdsFlightA birds in flight border.
wdArtScaredCatA scared cat border.
wdArtBatsA bats border.
wdArtFlowersRosesA rose border.
wdArtFlowersRedRoseA red rose border.
wdArtPoinsettiasA poinsettias border.
wdArtHollyA holly border.
wdArtFlowersTinyA tiny flower border.
wdArtFlowersPansyA pansy border.
wdArtFlowersModern2A modern flowers number 2 border.
wdArtFlowersModern1A modern flowers number 1 border.
wdArtWhiteFlowersA white flower border.
wdArtVineA vine border.
wdArtFlowersDaisiesA daisies border.
wdArtFlowersBlockPrintA block flowers print border.
wdArtDecoArchColorA deco arch colored border.
wdArtFansA fans border.
wdArtFilmA film border.
wdArtLightning1A lightning number 1 border.
wdArtCompassA compass border.
wdArtDoubleDA double-D border.
wdArtClassicalWaveA classical wave border.
wdArtShadowedSquaresA shadowed squared border.
wdArtTwistedLines1A twisted lines number 1 border.
wdArtWavelineA wave line border.
wdArtQuadrantsA quadrants border.
wdArtCheckedBarColorA checked-bar colored border.
wdArtSwirligigA swirling border.
wdArtPushPinNote1A pushpin note number 1 border.
wdArtPushPinNote2A pushpin note number 2 border.
wdArtPumpkin1A pumpkin number 1 border.
wdArtEggsBlackA black eggs border.
wdArtCupA cup border.
wdArtHeartGrayA heart border in shades of gray.
wdArtGingerbreadManA gingerbread man border.
wdArtBabyPacifierA baby pacifier border.
wdArtBabyRattleA baby rattle border.
wdArtCabinsA cabins border.
wdArtHouseFunkyA funky house border.
wdArtStarsBlackA black stars border.
wdArtSnowflakesA snowflake border.
wdArtSnowflakeFancyA fancy snowflake border.
wdArtSkyrocketA sky rocket border.
wdArtSeattleA Seattle border.
wdArtMusicNotesA music notes border.
wdArtPalmsBlackA black palms border.
wdArtMapleLeafA maple leaf border.
wdArtPaperClipsA paper clips border.
wdArtShorebirdTracksA shorebird tracks border.
wdArtPeopleA people border.
wdArtPeopleWavingA people waving border.
wdArtEclipsingSquares2An eclipsing squares number 2 border.
wdArtHypnoticA hypnotic border.
wdArtDiamondsGrayA diamond border using shades of gray.
wdArtDecoArchA deco arch border.
wdArtDecoBlocksA deco blocks border.
wdArtCirclesLinesA circles and lines border.
wdArtPapyrusA papyrus border.
wdArtWoodworkA woodwork border.
wdArtWeavingBraidA weaving braid border.
wdArtWeavingRibbonA weaving ribbon border.
wdArtWeavingAnglesA weaving angle border.
wdArtArchedScallopsAn arched scalloped border.
wdArtSafariA safari border.
wdArtCelticKnotworkA Celtic knot work border.
wdArtCrazyMazeA crazy maze border.
wdArtEclipsingSquares1An eclipsing squares number 1 border.
wdArtBirdsA birds border.
wdArtFlowersTeacupA teacup border.
wdArtNorthwestA northwest border.
wdArtSouthwestA southwest border.
wdArtTribal6A tribal number 6 border.
wdArtTribal4A tribal number 4 border.
wdArtTribal3A tribal number 3 border.
wdArtTribal2A tribal number 2 border.
wdArtTribal5A tribal number 5 border.
wdArtXIllusionsAn X illusion border.
wdArtZanyTrianglesA zany triangle border.
wdArtPyramidsA pyramids border.
wdArtPyramidsAboveAn external pyramids border.
wdArtConfettiGraysA confetti border using shades of gray.
wdArtConfettiOutlineA confetti outline border.
wdArtConfettiWhiteA confetti white border.
wdArtMosaicA mosaic border.
wdArtLightning2A lightning number 2 border.
wdArtHeebieJeebiesA heebie jeebies border.
wdArtLightBulbA light bulb border.
wdArtGradientA gradient border.
wdArtTrianglePartyA triangle party border.
wdArtTwistedLines2A twisted lines number 2 border.
wdArtMoonsA moons border.
wdArtOvalsAn ovals border.
wdArtDoubleDiamondsA double-diamonds border.
wdArtChainLinkA chain link border.
wdArtTrianglesA triangles border.
wdArtTribal1A tribal number 1 border.
wdArtMarqueeToothedA marquee toothed border.
wdArtSharksTeethA shark tooth border.
wdArtSawtoothA saw tooth border.
wdArtSawtoothGrayA saw tooth border using shades of gray.
wdArtPostageStampA postage stamp border.
wdArtWeavingStripsA weaving strips border.
wdArtZigZagA zigzag border.
wdArtCrossStitchA cross-stitch border.
wdArtGemsA gems border.
wdArtCirclesRectanglesA circles and rectangles border.
wdArtCornerTrianglesA triangles border.
wdArtCreaturesInsectsAn insect border.
wdArtZigZagStitchA zigzag stitch border.
wdArtCheckeredA checkered border.
wdArtCheckedBarBlackA checked-bar black border.
wdArtMarqueeA marquee border.
wdArtBasicWhiteDotsA basic white dots border.
wdArtBasicWideMidlineA basic wide midline border.
wdArtBasicWideOutlineA basic wide outline border.
wdArtBasicWideInlineA basic wide inline border.
wdArtBasicThinLinesA basic thin-lines border.
wdArtBasicWhiteDashesA basic white-dashed border.
wdArtBasicWhiteSquaresA basic white squares border.
wdArtBasicBlackSquaresA basic black squares border.
wdArtBasicBlackDashesA basic black-dashed border.
wdArtBasicBlackDotsA basic black-dotted border.
wdArtStarsTopA stars on top border.
wdArtCertificateBannerA certificate banner border.
wdArtHandmade1A handmade number 1 border.
wdArtHandmade2A handmade number 2 border.
wdArtTornPaperA torn paper border.
wdArtTornPaperBlackA black torn paper border.
wdArtCouponCutoutDashesA coupon cut out dashes border.
wdArtCouponCutoutDotsA coupon cut out dots border.