This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Table Methods

The Table type exposes the following members.

Public method ApplyStyleDirectFormatting Applies the specified style but maintains any formatting that a user directly applies.
Public method AutoFitBehavior Determines how Microsoft Word resizes a table when the AutoFit feature is used.
Public method AutoFormat Applies a predefined look to a table.
Public method Cell Returns a Cell object that represents a cell in a table.
Public method ConvertToText Converts a table to text and returns a Range object that represents the delimited text.
Public method ConvertToTextOld Reserved for internal use.
Public method Delete Deletes the specified object.
Public method Select Selects the specified object.
Public method Sort Sorts the specified table.
Public method SortAscending Sorts table rows in ascending alphanumeric order.
Public method SortDescending Sorts table rows in descending alphanumeric order.
Public method SortOld Reserved for internal use.
Public method Split Inserts an empty paragraph immediately above the specified row in the table, and returns a Table object that contains both the specified row and the rows that follow it.
Public method UpdateAutoFormat Updates the table with the characteristics of a predefined table format.