This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

SignatureDetail Enumeration

Indicates additional information about a signature.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Core
Assembly:  office (in office.dll)

public enum SignatureDetail

Member nameDescription
sigdetLocalSigningTimeSpecifies the local signing time.
sigdetApplicationNameSpecifies the application name.
sigdetApplicationVersionSpecifies the application version.
sigdetOfficeVersionSpecifies the Office version.
sigdetWindowsVersionSpecifies the Windows version.
sigdetNumberOfMonitorsSpecifies the number of monitors
sigdetHorizResolutionSpecifies the horizontal resolution.
sigdetVertResolutionSpecifies the vertical resolution.
sigdetColorDepthSpecifies the color depth.
sigdetSignedDataSpecifies the signed data.
sigdetDocPreviewImgSpecifies the document preview image.
sigdetIPFormHashSpecifies the IP form hash.
sigdetIPCurrentViewSpecifies the IP current view.
sigdetSignatureTypeSpecifies the signature type.
sigdetHashAlgorithmSpecifies the hash algorithm.
sigdetShouldShowViewWarningSpecifies the Should Show View Warning setting.
sigdetDelSuggSignerSpecifies the suggested signer delegate.
sigdetDelSuggSignerSetSpecifies the set of suggested signer's delegates.
sigdetDelSuggSignerLine2Specifies the suggested signer's delegate's signature line.
sigdetDelSuggSignerLine2SetSpecifies the set of suggested signer's delegate's signature lines.
sigdetDelSuggSignerEmailSpecifies the suggested signer's delegate's e-mail.
sigdetDelSuggSignerEmailSetIndicates whether an email for a suggested signer delegate has been specified.