SharedWorkspaceLink Interface

The SharedWorkspaceLink object represents a URL link saved in a shared document workspace.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Core
Assembly:  office (in office.dll)

public interface SharedWorkspaceLink : _IMsoDispObj

This object is a member of the SharedWorkspaceLinks collection.

Use the SharedWorkspaceLink object to manage links to additional documents and information of interest to the members who are collaborating on the document(s) in the shared workspace.

Use the Item(index) method of the SharedWorkspaceLinks collection to return a specific SharedWorkspaceLink object.

Use the Description property to set the link description that will appear on the Links tab of the Shared Workspace pane and on the workspace Web page. Use the URL property to set the destination address of the link. Use the Notes property to supply additional information about the link.

Use the Save method to upload changes to the server after you modify properties of the SharedWorkspaceLink object.

Use the CreatedBy, CreatedDate, ModifiedBy, and ModifiedDate properties to return information about the history of each link.