MsoThemeColorIndex Enumeration

Indicates the Office theme color.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Core
Assembly:  office (in office.dll)

public enum MsoThemeColorIndex

Member nameDescription
msoThemeColorMixedSpecifies a mixed color theme.
msoNotThemeColorSpecifies no theme color.
msoThemeColorDark1Specifies the Dark 1 theme color.
msoThemeColorLight1Specifies the Light 1 theme color.
msoThemeColorDark2Specifies the Dark 2 theme color.
msoThemeColorLight2Specifies the Light 2 theme color.
msoThemeColorAccent1Specifies the Accent 1 theme color.
msoThemeColorAccent2Specifies the Accent 2 theme color.
msoThemeColorAccent3Specifies the Accent 3 theme color.
msoThemeColorAccent4Specifies the Accent 4 theme color.
msoThemeColorAccent5Specifies the Accent 5 theme color.
msoThemeColorAccent6Specifies the Accent 6 theme color.
msoThemeColorHyperlinkSpecifies the theme color for a hyperlink.
msoThemeColorFollowedHyperlinkSpecifies the theme color for a clicked hyperlink.
msoThemeColorText1Specifies the Text 1 theme color.
msoThemeColorBackground1Specifies the Background 1 theme color.
msoThemeColorText2Specifies the Text 2 theme color.
msoThemeColorBackground2Specifies the Background 2 theme color.