This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

FileDialogFilters Interface

A collection of FileDialogFilter objects that represent the types of files that can be selected in a file dialog box that is displayed using the FileDialog object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Core
Assembly:  office (in office.dll)

public interface FileDialogFilters : _IMsoDispObj, 

Use the Filters property of the FileDialog object to return a FileDialogFilters collection.

Use the Add method to add FileDialogFilter objects to the FileDialogFilters collection.

When changing the FileDialogFilters collection, remember that each application can only instantiate a single FileDialog object. This means that the FileDialogFilters collection will reset to its default filters whenever you call the FileDialog method with a new dialog box type.

Note   A run-time error will occur if the Filters property is used in conjunction with the Clear, Add, or Delete methods when applied to a Save As FileDialog object.