This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Lync.Model.Extensibility namespace

Lync 2013

  Class Description
Public class ApplicationRegistration Represents a registered conversation window extension Silverlight application.
Public class Automation Automates starting a new conversation and showing the resulting conversation window.
Public class ConversationWindow Represents a conversation window and exposes operations to manipulate the window of a conversation, including docking into a parent window.
Public class ConversationWindowActionAvailabilityChangedEventArgs ParticipantActionAvailabilityChangedEventData Class
Public class ConversationWindowInformationChangedEventArgs Represents the properties of a conversation window that have changed.
Public class ConversationWindowInformationDictionary A dictionary that contains a collection of information items for a conversation window.
Public class ConversationWindowNeedsAttentionEventArgs Represents the state of a ConversationWindowNeedsAttention event.
Public class ConversationWindowNeedsSizeChangeEventArgs Represents the data of a ConversationWindowNeedsSizeChange Event.
Public class ConversationWindowStateChangedEventArgs Encapsulates the event data of a StateChanged event and exposes the new ConversationWindowState enumerator.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AutomationModalities Enumerates the types of conversation modality that can be added to a conversation started using the Automation.BeginStartConversation method.
Public enumeration AutomationModalitySettings Enumerates the settings on an automation modality.
Public enumeration ConversationWindowAction Enumerates supported ConversationWindow actions
Public enumeration ConversationWindowExtensionSize Enumerates the size of extensibility window that hosts the application.
Public enumeration ConversationWindowInformationType Enumerates the conversation window properties.
Public enumeration ConversationWindowState Enumerates the conversation window states.