TnefPropertyType enumeration

The TnefPropertyType enumeration contains values that specify TNEF property types.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Exchange.Data.ContentTypes.Tnef
Assembly:  Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Common (in Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Common.dll)

public enum TnefPropertyType

Member nameDescription
UnspecifiedIndicates an interface. The caller does not specify the type.
NullIndicates the NULL property value.
I2Indicates a signed 16-bit value.
LongIndicates a signed 32-bit value.
R4Indicates a 4-byte floating point value.
DoubleIndicates a floating point double.
CurrencyIndicates a signed 64-bit integer that represents a base ten decimal with four digits to the right of the decimal point.
AppTimeIndicates an application time value.
ErrorIndicates a 32-bit error value.
BooleanIndicates a 16-bit Boolean value. '0' is false. Non-zero is true.
ObjectIndicates the embedded object in a property
I8Indicates the 8-byte signed integer.
String8Indicates a null-terminated 8-bit character string.
UnicodeIndicates a null-terminated Unicode string.
SysTimeIndicates a FILETIME 64-bit integer specifying the number of 100ns periods since Jan 1, 1601.
ClassIdIndicates an OLE GUID.
BinaryIndicates a counted byte array.
MultiValuedIndicates the multivariable flag. The value part of the property contains multiple values.