ParameterId enumeration

The ParameterId enumeration contains values that identify parameters.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Exchange.Data.ContentTypes.iCalendar
Assembly:  Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Common (in Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Common.dll)

public enum ParameterId

Member nameDescription
UnknownIndicates an xparam (non-standard unregistered) parameter.
AlternateRepresentationIndicates an altrepparam (alternate text representation)) parameter.
CommonNameIndicates a cnparam (common name) parameter.
CalendarUserTypeIndicates a cutypeparam (calendar user type)) parameter.
DelegatorIndicates a delfromparam (delegator) parameter.
DelegateeIndicates a deltoparam (delegatee) parameter.
DirectoryIndicates a dirparam (directory entry) parameter.
EncodingIndicates an encodingparam (inline encoding) parameter.
FormatTypeIndicates an fmttypeparam (format type) parameter.
FreeBusyTypeIndicates an fbtypeparam (free/busy time type) parameter.
LanguageIndicates a languageparam (language for text) parameter.
MembershipIndicates a memberparam (group or list membership) parameter.
ParticipationStatusIndicates a partstatparam (participation status) parameter.
RecurrenceRangeIndicates a rangeparam (recurrence identifier range) parameter.
TriggerRelationshipIndicates a trigrelparam (alarm trigger relationship) parameter.
RelationshipTypeIndicates a reltypeparam (relationship type) parameter.
ParticipationRoleIndicates a roleparam (participation role) parameter.
RsvpExpectationIndicates a rsvpparam (RSVP expectation) parameter.
SentByIndicates a sentbyparam (sent by) parameter.
TimeZoneIdIndicates a tzidparam (reference to time zone object) parameter.
ValueTypeIndicates a valuetypeparam (property value data type) parameter.